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Our most recent survey over the past year shows that:

50% of clients completed their treatment.

33% of clients self-discharged.

17% of clients were therapeutically discharged.

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Alcohol Concern


European Association for Treatment of Addiction

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Sefton Park is a residential alcohol and drug rehabilitation centre and Therapeutic Community, founded to help people who have made a
conscious decision to free themselves from their addiction.

We want to help

John Vowles founded Sefton Park in 1992 with the vision of helping people into recovery by providing specialist treatment for people with alcoholism and drug addictions.

Continuously developing and improving, the programme has now been evolving for 21 years.

Sefton Park helps those who have made a conscious decision to free themselves from their addiction by providing an abstinence-based programme.


What's the programme? 

The programme is of six months duration and requires the individual to explore past and present issues, looking deeply into how these relate to the cycle of addiction and connected behaviour.

We believe that by understanding these issues and by challenging negative attitudes, an individual may gain the insight they need to make informed lifestyle choices.

We aim to achieve this by a process of integration and full involvement of clients in the Therapeutic Community of Sefton Park.

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Our Objectives

We wish to encourage open and effective contact for everyone who engages with Sefton Park , so that lasting relationships may develop based on a greater awareness about who we are, what we do and the way in which we help our clients address the issues of addiction.

The objective of this website is to raise awareness of the Sefton Park treatment model and its success, to add value to the relationship between Sefton Park and existing or potential referrers and to quantify and qualify demand for the Sefton Park programme.

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How does it work?

We believe that everyone has the right to change their lives, to enjoy a healthy lifestyle and to develop themselves to the maximum of their ability.

We are an abstinence-based programme and welcome referrals from all client groups. We will assess each individual, addressing their needs accordingly.

We provide an Integrative Model of Treatment, within the framework of a Therapeutic Community, for those who wish to address their drug and alcohol addiction by accepting the goal of complete abstinence.

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